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Originally Posted by Lazy Bones View Post
how are you securing the pipework to the deck? Will you be welding pads on to the legs from inside the console? Looks really slick (just like everything else about this build.) Impressive.
Our goal was to eliminate welding. Its been a loooong time since I have built an aluminum boat, but the hoops we had to jump through prior to welding included an acetone or lacquer thinner wash to clean the weld area, and then a thorough wire brush of the joint before welding. On thicker metal it included a preheat or a lead in starting away from the joint as a preheat. While 5000 series aluminum are the marine metals of choice for hulls, the pipe for T-tops is a 6061-T6 which is heat treated. For the cosmetic welds in T-tops and towers, the fabricators probably never solvent clean the metal and definitely don't wire brush. The heat from welding anneals the aluminum at the joint and its strength at the weld is reduced 80 %, which comes back some over time. The pipe is generally welded to to a pad which is bolted to the boat with (4) 1/4-20 SS machine screws, with its own corrosion issues. The fabricators from experience have learned to brace the the structures plentifully. Many a poling platform have I purchased and installed on my flats boats, and two skiffs having been run over by a big boats, and one hitting an eagle ray at 50 mph, as the platform departed the welds failed leaving the pads bolted to the deck which was a thin laminate over foam core.

To answer your question, think about how you pick up a six pack, or better yet a bowling ball. The legs are socket-ed into the console several feet at divergent angles, and like tent stakes in the ground cannot lift out. Well that's the plan, and we looked to do something special. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, or In my mind, nothing ventured, nothing lighter but stronger.