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Man, CB brings back so many memories. I was "The Babybull" on the radio.

In fact I still have a box in the garage that's Tweaked and Peaked, still got a Wilson 1000 roof mount and some kind of fancy mic. I was a talk-back and a roger beep guy...those were the two features I liked. The roger beep in a tough to hear situation always helped making sure you knew the end of the conversation.

I used to talk to a group in the evenings...I'd take my candy apple red 1975 Camaro and go park in ths one parking lot where the reception and transmission was just awesome. I'd hang out with "One Eyed Jack" and his baby blue El Camino.

I have worked in the same office building for 16 years and I have to park in an a garage...that's the only reason I took the CB out of my truck. I was tired of having to take the antenna down every morning on the way into work. A few years ago I mounted a Firestick on the back wall of the bed, only sticking above the top of the cab as much as the parking garage would allow and honestly...it was worthless so I took it down.

I would really like to get my ham radio license....I could talk on a handheld that way. I studied a few years ago but quit...not sure why-oh right, we had 3 kids back to back to back
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