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Dang,, you guys missed your calling.

And its walking that dog, kicking that cat. Driving my pete is where its at.
Man I have not thought about that in a lot of years. 70s/80s term right there.

Bam Bam and Pebbles. Twice.

Had two different ladies with me out there on the road for a while run husband and wife team.

Did Calif with one, North west with the other.
48 hour east coast west coast Calif. . 2.5 days NW over to Tacoma or Portland load back out of Yakima back to Carolina. 4 trips a month NW two out, take 4 days off in between, Sure could not complain about the money.

Biggest toy I had was a 667 Texas Star modded by Clay at Weatherford. He was the CB shop of choice. His place is still there. 370 MM Gordon TX.

Paco was the place to pick up the pills, Crossing the border at El Paso was cool thing back then. 70s 80s. Heard its dangerous now. Use to have guys at the Petro truck stop with Vans, with huge liniers heard them all he time on skip, rounding up a crew to cross the border. charged about 10 or 15 to take your across, would stay with you at the whore houses then bring you back across. Yes they got kick backs from the CAT HOUSE.
Mustang in Reno, was a have to visit at least once place. When you started running calif double it was custom for your hand,, (senior driver) to treat you to the mustang first time going. Have to admit walking in those huge double doors and seeing what was waiting on you on the other side was show nuff a different world than what Carolina had offered.

Tx Valley was a wild place to go to. AKA Border towns. You guys actually know more CB lingo than I do.
Still have one I turn on when I see a traffic jam, and now and then getting on a computer truck drivers butt for being in the center lane with a 65 mph truck not passing anything , but I don't get on hardly ever. 99% of the time it stays cut off.

Carry on.. Enjoying the reading.

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