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"Sneaky Pete" here
In the 70s I was on the CB all the time in the truck but as time moved on, so did I. After that the only time I used it was screaming down I-95 on my way to and from Florida.

I do remember when "good buddy" changed from a good thing to a bad thing.
"A good buddy is a guy who gets 2 BJ and gives you one" etc.
It was "40 roger" for a while after that.
I have a CB in the garage but I haven't turned it on for over 30 years.

I had a lot of "road cred" for a few years when I was there all the time. It got a real kick start when I rescued a regular on 270 at around 2AM, got him to a phone, helped him arrange a new tire and got him on his way before the DOT guys got moving in the morning (He was a tad heavy). He rewarded me with a big pile of very pretty anthracite coal (what he was hauling). I burned it in my stove for years.