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Originally Posted by 240 LTS View Post
Highway- Channel 19.

Emergency- Channel 9

Honestly, I don't think anyone monitors 9 anymore for emergencies, at least in Florida. I've had a CB in my truck for years that is almost always on when I'm on the road. Until I recently changed jobs, I did a huge amount of highway travel for work. On at least three occasions I witnessed crashes and grabbed the mic for channel 9 but got nothing. It seemed faster than pulling out the phone, unlocking it, opening the phone app, punching in *FHP "send" and waiting for an answer, but that's the best way to get help on the Florida highways these days. Channel 9 is usually full of Mexican skip these days.

CB is a good tool still. Like others said, it's the best way to get instant traffic information and find out what lane to be in to get around a wreck. It's also a good way to stay engaged and awake on a long night drive.
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