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Default Back in the CB days, what was your, "Handle"?

liveaboard74 post the CB talk/songs reminded me of the days a lot of people had CB's and that is how we communicated back then.
Most of us are old enough to have lived through those days.
You know, "Smokey and the Bandit" days.

Ride around in the country on a weekend night and looking for your friends, just call out on the CB and if they were there, they would answer.
We had a channel we used a like a home base so ch. 19 wasn't crowded with BS.

Yesterdays CB is today's cell phone/social media.
Yesterdays Handle is today's User Name.

"How bout ya Stinkfoot, Flapjack, Rum Runner, (whoever you were trying to contact), you got your ears on?"
If any one else from your crew was out there they would come back.

Somehow we knew the words to all the truckers songs.

What was you Handle back in the day or still today?

I had a white 66 Mustang Fastback 2+2, 289 auto. So I went with, "White Lightening".

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