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Default GARMIN7610 to Command Link Gauges

Hey guys I have a few questions for you experts. We recently bought a boat and we upgraded to the Yamaha round command link digital gauges. We did not order a GPS unit with the boat, as the manufacturer didn't offer the exact model of Garmin we were looking for, which is a 7610xsv. The manufacturer installed the digital gauges, and our dealer installed the Garmin. Well when we went to pick up the boat, our dealer told us he has to charge us an additional $600 to get the Garmin to speak to the digital gauges (its the round command link gauges). We were pretty shocked as we paid a good price for the upgrade to the gauges, we had presumed the upgrade would come with everything needed in order for the gauges to work. So my first question on this is, do you think that we should have to pay for the extra piece in order to get it working as we already payed for the command link upgrade. Also, I would like to know what exactly do we need to get the Garmin talking to the gauges as the dealer wasn't too knowledgeable on the topic? The gauge needs our speed to display speed and fuel burn, that's all that is missing right now. It shows us our gph as of now but not mpgs.

If we would have went with a garmin that was offered by the manufacturer, I would imagine they would have included everything needed to get the command link gauges working, so why do we have to pay extra for the same piece they would have had to install in the first plac?. Any insight would be appreciated.

Next topic, they mounted the transducer in an obvious high turbulence area, so it does not pick up depth at anything over 5mph. Shouldn't the dealer know where to mount that to get an accurate depth reading while running? I will talk to them about this, and I'm sure they will move it, but I just wanted to check to see if I was expecting too much.

Thanks guys

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