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Originally Posted by MakoMyDay View Post
I don't know why you guys want all this alcohol---sounds like y'all smoke plenty crack already!

The bet is on! 2mpg@45
Originally Posted by periok11 View Post
Ran the 27 yesterday still without the right props. 150 gallons fuel, 200 lbs of shit, and just me onboard.
10gph - 32.5-33 mph
12gph - 36.5 mph
I have a pair of 19" counter rotating Mercury Enertia ECO props shipping to Max to test with the 27. We could not prop the boat before full load and the T-Top were installed. We find that a few hundred hours loosens the engines up and can mean an inch of pitch.
The 27 would fit in the cockpit of the 39, but the displacement to length ratio of the 39 is less. The structural weight of the 39 is of course more than the 27, but all of the other outfitting is basically the same. The sum is proportionally less.

I had really interesting conversations with the Mercury applications engineers at the show.
Can't wait to run the boat.
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