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I called Boat Outfitters and had them custom cut me some King Starboard strips. I screwed the strips to the cabin ceiling and then screwed the rod hangers to the strip in order to minimize the holes I had to put in the boat.

We used the plastic, clip-type holders on the charter boat just because it was too pricey to put 16 of the metal ones in. They work fine. I just bought some extra clips because its a matter of time until one breaks. I used the metal type (pictured below) on my personal boat. IMO, they look nicer but both styles work equally well. I did the same thing with them - a strip of starboard into ceiling and then screwed the hangers to the starboard.

On the big boat we alternated fore & aft on the port side, over the dinette table. On the starboard side (helm side) we put them going in all the same way, with the reel-end aft and the rod tip end forward otherwise you would have lost headroom with the reels hanging down above the helm seat.

In order to maximize the number of rods, take your time figuring out your spacing. You want them as close together as possible but leave yourself a little wiggle room. You don't want to have to take down half the rods just to be able to get at the middle one. That is one advantage of the plastic clip / rail type hangers - they have a set screw that holds them in place so you can slide them around until you are satisfied.

BTW - Boat Outfitters customer service was awesome. I called, gave them my dimensions, told them I was in a big hurry and the strips were on my doorstep 3 days later.
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