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Originally Posted by Bullshipper View Post
I am of the opinion that all cats will sneeze in some conditions and speeds. The sea trail will be the acid test.
I sea trialed my 22 with one of the guys that worked for World Cat for 10 years in product development and sales in some snotty conditions. His first words were, "It doesn't sneeze.

I think the lighter weight and higher, wider tunnels aft makes a difference. Makomyday posted a photo of the back of his 31 Prowler, and it would seem to me that it would not sneeze either.

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My retired Egret Boats partner gave my daughters his tender off his Nordhaven trawler, Its a 14' Livingston Cat rigged with a small center console and powered with a 30hp Yamaha on it. I can assure you, I know what sneezing is now!

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