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Perhaps we should have a new reality show, "Green is the new Black"
The flow media and vacuum bags are "consumables" and don't stay with the part. When you cannot add HP we must go the extra mile to take weight out.

Speed is all about HP to Weight for the most part. Ray has owned 120 mph boats but that is not what he asked for. He wanted a boat to enjoy with his family and friends, 45 mph cruise with superior ride and fuel economy and all of the features his experience dictated.

I had on the drawing board a 7 lb. bag, but 10 lbs. of Ray's stuff caused us to stretch the bag's beam 9" and the bag's length 42" I had some heartburn because I never heard him suggest going slower. We had two choices. More Hp or make it weigh the same. Both were options. Ray elected to get the 350 hp Verado's when they became available. That's 15% more hp, however the laws of similitude say that a boat of like design stretched 10% increases in displacement 30%. We had to be really diligent in our fabrication and did use some of the new Black for a little $Green. Two insulated fish boxes the size of Delaware, two 85 qt coolers built into the stern, and 160 qts. in the bait prep center are built in. That accounts for 10% of the weight of the whole rest of the composite structure. Kinda like taking a your Boston Whaler for a ride to keep your fish and drinks cool. Sounds crazy, but regardless we came close to the original weight study for the smaller boat that had half the cool fish storage and 1/3 the cool drinks.

Hot boat, cool fish, iced drinks. Those are line items in the mission statement now too.
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