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Originally Posted by Bullshipper View Post
In the mono versus cat argument, most of the comparisions have been made with smaller hulls, where the differences are less apparent than will become evident when sea testing these larger lighter cats with wider beams and better full fuel economy. The longer shaft outboards and added speed to lift the sponsons will also help to lift the tunnels to eliminate more sneeze.

Lift and sneezing wont be a problem. There are many engineering variables.. bottom line is getting the water through the tunnel with the least amount of resistance, as you well know. This cat will ride extremely well due to the amount of actual hull in the water, and a few other things that I am not privy to say. She will also be extremely fuel efficient and fast comparing apples to apples with same power all without being a Potato Chip like one cat builder mentioned. Competition is good, and there is always more than one way to skin a cat without being an anchor in the water.