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Originally Posted by coores14 View Post
Just recently, I started considering a basic commuter bike. My daily driver for the last 10+ years has been a scooter of some type (Aprilia, Vespa). They are awesome for around town, but my job is building a new office that is up the road a little more and it requires a jaunt on the 55mph highway. My 50cc scooters won't cut it anymore and I'd rather not drive my big truck if I can help it. It's still a year out or so, but I want to get a grasp on what's out there.

I've looked at the Grom before and thought it was a neat idea, but the general consensus I've seen (not just on here) is the same. At the end of the day, that little bike will get old.

What other ideas does anyone have for a good basic commuter bike? Triumph Bonneville?
What about a Ninja 250? They'll get up to 75 or so.

Got mine up to 80, and kept it there for an hour. After the trip, all I needed to do was add a little oil. But 60 minutes at 80 mph with that little 250 howling at 14,000 rpms will make your nether regions go numb.

If all you need is below 75mph, a Ninja 250 is a fun little bike. I bought a used one for $2k, doubled the odometer from 4,000 to 8,000, and sold it a year later for $1,900.

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