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My son got into it and I played with him for awhile and it was fun. Let me give you guys a few tips in no particular order:
While we started with cheap, spring plastic guns, they always ended up breaking. No matter what. We ultimately ended up with FULL METAL guns (KMH are best quality and reliable) and they would have been cheaper in the long run.
The full metal guns break too, but they can be fixed and upgraded as well.
LEAVE THE ORANGE TIPS ON!!! Didn't you guys see that video of the kid in Ohio who was shot by the cops? He had painted over his.
Yes, bb's get everywhere and they aren't biodegradable (although they make those).
They do make small paintballs for airsoft but they are very bad for the guns as they can break and mess up the gun.
Blowback feature on guns looks cool, but performs no shooting purpose and uses up your battery or gas.
All in all, it can be a fun game to play war and stuff with your kids and other friends. We all played cops and robbers as kids and I remember everyone always fighting "I shot you! You missed me!" and airsoft and paintball take some of that lying out of the mix. Somewhat.