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Originally Posted by Corndog38 View Post
30yrs ago in college I had a 1970 honda 100 trail bike. Road legal, but had knobbies and tailpipe under the seat. Looked like the bikes seen clogging Saigon in war flicks. Topped out maybe 50-55mph, but super happy at 45. So light I could pull it up the steps to my 2nd floor apt so I could work on the living room!!. Ran that thing everywhere around the hills of blacksburg va. FUN!! I've sort of shopped for another one, but would like to get about 150cc.

I later had a bigger bike, but it was no where near as fun as that 100.
My uncle used to have a pair of Honda Trail 70s (IIRC) that was a blast to drive...I think there is somewhat of a cult following for those bikes now. I looked at trying to pick one up a few years back to tool around at the farm and in parents' neighborhood, but never could find one for a good enough price.