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Originally Posted by schoolsout1 View Post
Honda Ruckus
Originally I saw these - which looked similarly fun (and not quite as traditional "Scooter" like) but the 35-40 mph top speed scared me.

Originally Posted by richeerich View Post
Dealers can't keep groms in stock by me so if you buy it you can probably sell it for not much of a loss. On the other hand, you might have to pay retail because they are hot sellers. Personally, I'd move up to the 250cc class. In my state you need at least a 250cc to get an unrestricted license.
The one "internet quote" I got was $4100 out the door which IMO seemed insane considering the $3199 list. Seems like some folks are getting them now for $35-3800 OTD. I'd prefer to buy used from someone who only put a couple hundred miles on one.

I like the idea that the bike is compact and at ~250 lbs easy to deal with. Will make it easier to throw in the shed and pile stuff around it.