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Originally Posted by Rapi View Post
CC, well, I gotta give you credit for improving your posts. Your last one was nothing more than a single curse word. Not constructive. Sorry, but you gave me nothing to reply to.

This post by you is much better.

As for using the term brother, I think you're trying to find things that don't exist. A witch hunt. It's really simple. I use brother as a term of endearment, much like when I say dude. I use these terms for people I feel a connection to. I call Marcus Luttrell brother, simply because I admire him. I call my sons' PE teacher/pastor brother, because I look up to him for spiritual guidance. I call the maintenance guy at my apartment building brother because he can fix anything in my home for cheap. I call my food delivery guy brother because the Italian food he brings me cannot be beaten and it's always hot for just a $10 tip. I call the Yazidi Christian guy at my local liquor store brother cuz he always gives me a dollar off Jim Beam and $3 off Gentleman Jack. I call my three best friends brother because they are closer to me and treat me better than my bio brother.

As for bringing my posts more or less credit... they should stand on their own merit. On their own facts. On their own truth. These things have passed speculation brilliantly. I speak the truth based on what I know, what I have studied, and what the people I know from certain groups have told me. Not my fault that nastyphuck thinks TMZ is a more credible source than me. Not my problem that you question the knowledge in my posts because I use terms of endearment casually. You can accept the truth or not. I am okay with your decision either way.

BTW, since I have answered your questions honestly and as best as I can, please oblige me by answering one single question from me: Has anything I have said been proven wrong? Or has every fact I have given weathered every single criticism here and everywhere else? It's okay. You can use google if you want.


The facts are there. Why do you not concentrate on those facts rather than focusing on terms of endearment?

I mean, you can follow any path you choose. But it seems to me that the facts should be far more important than whether I call someone dude or brother or socksucker.


It's a pretty big deal to call someone in certain communities brother or teammate as others in this thread have pointed out. I have worked very closely with them in the past, had our families over to each others houses for beers and bonfires, and I am sure I will work with them in the future. One thing that has not been done nor will ever be done is called brother because I didn't go to their school house and they didn't go to mine.

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