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Originally Posted by DNinja View Post
I love Marcus Luttrell's NRA statement. He is a great hero.
His twin brother Marvin gets less press, but he is also a great hero.

Without getting into all the THT dramas, I can tell you that some after-action reviews get brutal and personal.

We, Army attack pilots, conducted an exercise with Air Force A-10s. That after-action was honest, but restrained. When that was over, we and the Air Force parted and did our own AARs. Gloves were off at that point. Probably the same for the Air Force guys.

I have no doubt that the Special Ops crews I worked with had some brutal after action reviews. We all dealt with life and death and we had to be brutal reviewing an operation.
Yes. In addition to all the SEALs who perished, Operation Redwing claimed the lives of 10 SOAR operators. Though I am not sure, I believe this was also the bloodiest day for 160th SOAR, as well.