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Originally Posted by nautiduck View Post
Still on the gay shit huh Rapi, oh and now family comments too? I guess that means you actually wish ill on my wife, since I am in fact not gay and quite happily married. That really isnt cool. You are a sad pathetic little old man. I think even though Mr. Revenge has a severe dislike of me he will attest that I never wished anything but the speediest recovery and best wishes for his fiance. I may be an asshole but im not a bastard.
Sorry, I forgot to respond directly. No, I never wished anything ill on your wife. I didn't even know you were married to a woman. She must be a saint to put up with your lies and distortions. Hell, you know what I'll do? I'll even praise your wife by calling her SISTER nastyduck.

If you are trying to create some sense of outraged sympathy based on criticism of your family that never existed, you will have to do better. Nobody is buying. You failed again.

Or, did you just read my posts wrong? We know that reading comprehension is not your strong suit.

And your assertion that I am homophobic. Sigh. It would be laughable if it weren't so pathetically far adrift from the original topic of BROTHER Marcus. Is that the best you've got? You are failing miserably. Please, get back on topic. As for the homos, stay away from them! One touch and you can catch The Gay. I mean, seriously, within weeks you'll be well dressed, watching Rosie every afternoon, tongue deep in Richard Simmons, and whistling Broadway show tunes.

[I may be an asshole]

Speak truth to power, BROTHER nastyduck!