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Originally Posted by nautiduck View Post
Still on the gay shit huh Rapi, oh and now family comments too? I guess that means you actually wish ill on my wife, since I am in fact not gay and quite happily married. That really isnt cool. You are a sad pathetic little old man. I think even though Mr. Revenge has a severe dislike of me he will attest that I never wished anything but the speediest recovery and best wishes for his fiance. I may be an asshole but im not a bastard.
Nastyduck, I must applaud the change in your attitude. Really. I mean that. You have gone from calling The Revenge a liar and criticizing him for abandoning his wife in her most dire hour of need to kissing his ass. You should kiss his ass for the crap you said to him.

You should also apologize. Really, you should. What you said is unforgivable for anything less than a true, heartfelt, blanket apology.

We are waiting. You've come a long way. You are almost there. You can do it. I have faith, even in you, nastyduck.