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Originally Posted by nautiduck View Post
Had to poop reminded me to check and see what came out Rapi.
Im curious as to why you keep calling me a homosexual. Do you have a problem with them? I have one on my team. Shes twice the man you claim to be. She actually has more in the dirt or sandbox if you will experience than you too. Gay or not Id put her skill set over yours any day of the week and twice on holidays. As for what I said if I say here ill say it in person. You have no idea what scary people are really like, and I dont mean me. Im a teddy bear. Anyways I wish I could roll up your posts, time to wipe. Back out to the boat got to get it ready for tuesday.
Why are you changing the subject? We have trespassed from BROTHER Marcus to... your lesbians and your bowel movements?

Please, stay on track. I know reading comprehension is a core disability with you. But trust me when I say that the only one interested in staring at your poop is you.

Just in case you've forgotten, the discussion was about BROTHER Marcus Luttrell, SEALs, and you taking responsibility for calling another THT BROTHER a liar and stating that he was somehow despicable for catching the man who brutally beat his future wife.

Please, pay attention.