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Originally Posted by The Revenge View Post
Blocked from seeing it? I don't think so. If it is it has nothing to do with me.

Who in the hell are you to call out someone else's use of the term brother?
You never responded previously.

I'm asking because I'm the son of a bitch on this board with a third degree burn on MY RIGHT shoulder from a cattle brand created by BROTHERS I was in combat with.
See we didn't think earning the right to wear the patch on our right shoulders was enough.
We made a brand to wear for life. That's nothing I've ever shared on this board.

I don't hate you. You stepped on my integrity in a previous post. Whether I'm liked on this board or not my integrity will remain intact.

It sounds like your protecting our nations borders, thank you for that.
Didnt think it did have anything to do with you. I assume either the mods did it because they didnt want me responding to whatever was there or I clicked after they deleted it and the link was still on my screen since I hadnt refreshed it.

You want to know why I called out Rapi, start at the beginning of this thread and work your way through. If you have a brand like you say you do then I think you'll understand. Its pretty obvious when someone is trying to infer something while trying not to coming right out and say it. Makess it easier to backpeddle. Rapi tried just that and got called out.

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