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Originally Posted by Rapi View Post

A SEAL acquaintance of mine (this guy is friends with many of my friends) just retired a few years ago. This guy is a SEAL's SEAL and one of the most respected warriors in the history of the teams. Even while serving, he was very outspoken about many issues, including Luttrell's book and the movie. While he knows and respects Marcus, his viewpoint about what went on before and during that mission is far, far more critical than Luttrell's.

I hope this answers most of your questions.

The last sentence or two sounds like his friend was critical of it?? Maybe just the planning and stuff above Latrell's involvement..dunno.

If the friend was critical of the book and movie can you explain further??

I am just curious not trying to start a cr@p storm. I thought it was unbelievable that anyone made it out of that meat grinder and that Marcus is nothing short of a 100 percent hero.... Just asking the question of what was posted and also NOT trying to put Rapi in a corner either...