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Hi, Nautiduck! All fair questions.

The broad answer is, everything I know is public information. No insider information whatsoever, though some of it is controversial, even among the teams. I know no secrets. I have never been part of any secret group. I hold no security clearances and never worked in the military.

To answer some of your questions, specifically. About the night the dog was killed and the conversations. That came from Glenn Beck. He and Marcus are friends.

As to my friends, I am fortunate to have a couple friends and several acquaintances in the SEALs. (I also know several retired operators from 22 SAS and one guy who served in SBS, who now lives in Arkansas.) Despite the numbers, it's a small community. One of my friends was in the same BUDS class as Mike Murphy. He also knows Luttrell. He knows The Shooter, as well.

A SEAL acquaintance of mine (this guy is friends with many of my friends) just retired a few years ago. This guy is a SEAL's SEAL and one of the most respected warriors in the history of the teams. Even while serving, he was very outspoken about many issues, including Luttrell's book and the movie. While he knows and respects Marcus, his viewpoint about what went on before and during that mission is far, far more critical than Luttrell's.

I hope this answers most of your questions.

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