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Originally Posted by Rapi View Post
Davlan, I am struggling with how to say what follows. Here goes...

Your anger is not only justified, but more insightful than you could possibly imagine. I will say that again, cuz you neither know nor could guess at just how close you are coming to one of the teams' most divisive moments- Your anger is not only justified, but more insightful than you could possibly imagine.

Though publicly the teams always show a united front, in private they argue about stuff just like we do. Whereas you and I argue about deflategate and politics, the teams argue about missions. The SEALs grade their missions. In private, they break down every single detail of a mission. Criticism of each and every move is harsh and unforgiving. SEALs hold each other to a far, far higher standard than any of us would believe without having gone through it ourselves.

This process... was applied to the mission we saw depicted in the movie. At the end of the SEALs analysis... well, let's just say that Brother Marcus was a million times more forgiving than some of his teammates. You and I saw the mission as heroic. Other SEALs saw it as a horrible, and perfectly avoidable tragedy. We saw the best of our military. The SEALs saw more of their brothers die on a single mission than have ever died on a single mission in history. We saw success through the prism of a movie. The SEALs saw the biggest failure in the history of the Navy SEALs.

There is more to the story. Unfortunately, I will not be the one who goes further.

I will say that Brother Marcus is a great warrior who was under served.

Just a couple questions. Why do you keep calling him Brother Marcus? Do you wear the trident? In several posts you elude to the fact that you have insider knoweledge of what happened including #5 where you paraphrase Luttrell's statements as if you were there. Were you? Do you personally know Luttrell or any of his team mates that died? Just curious as to where your info and implied intimacy comes from.