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Originally Posted by davlan88 View Post
I saw the decision that was made a decision that lead to the failure of the mission and great loss to some of our most valuable warriors. They had 3 choices. Of those 3 choices, 2 of which would have saved their lives in my opinion. I know it's easy to Monday morning quarterback and I would never claim to know what They were thinking in that moment, but it just seems they made the worst decision possible. I think they were showing a humanitarian side to the Teams, which is admirable, but has no place on the battlefield. It cost many lives for saving 3 lives that were not worth saving. Either way, though I left that movie angered, I still feel they were all heroes. They do the things necessary to keep us safe, no matter what that calls for. Most people these days couldn't stomach what they are asked to do on a regular basis and criticise them....all while they enjoy their comfortable freedom here on US soil that these men and women provide them.

I am not pro-war by any means, nor do I think war is not necessary at times, but if we go to war we should decimate everything in our paths to victory. Plain and simple. There are no rules in war. We handcuff our soldiers.
Make no mistake, they made that choice because they didn't want to end up on the evening news charged with murder, as screwed up as that is.
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