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Originally Posted by freedbaby View Post
Oh my...I dont even know what to say.

One of my biggest fears is choking or seeing someone and not know they are choking. I have certainly seen each of my three little ones have too much in their mouth and not know what to do.

Glad to hear everyone is ok, for reasons like this...we thank God.
God is good, and i thank him in a specail way today.

Originally Posted by myyellas2k View Post
holy crap man...
glad everyone turned out ok.

must of been a short time between the call and when the police/emts showed up.

thank god.
the emts took over 15 mins to show up, they were short handed and not close to us today, the police however were there within minutes and helped my wife resuscitate and dislodge what he was choking on. My wife is an RN so she pretty much knew what to do, however, when its your own child the panic can clog your mind, so the officers presence and reassurance was vital for sure.
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