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Originally Posted by wannabefishin View Post
At 8:30 from county dispatch, informing that an ambulance is heading to my house for an unresponsive infant, my infant son, and that I should get home as soon as possible.

I immediately, drove home to see the familiar face of a friend of mine who is a police officer looking down in front of an ambulance. I was absolutely panicked, distrurbed, distraught, and really didn't know what to think or do.

As I approached the ambulance to look inside I heard the familiar scream of my 9 month old son and felt immediate relief almost to the point of tears. It turns out that my son had been choking and through the work of my wife, a police officer who was first on scene and the EMTS they had managed to dislodge whatever it was and give him cpr, he came alive right before they gave him a trach.

We left the hospital a few hours later after confirming the blood he was throwing up wasn't from a punctured lung as they had thought, from the chest compressions. He is at home and healthy at this point.

After I got everybody home and settled I ran a bottle of jack and thank you note to the two officers who helped my wife and son, and will be visiting the EMTS this weekend.

I write this for two reasons.

A: my wife was sitting next to my son when he choked.

B: these two officers responded, one helped to save my son, and the other watched over my two daughters who were at home and distracted and comforted them. There's a lot of negativity about police in the news today, but your locale police do a lot of food. They deserve some appreciation.
great story, even better outcome