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Default Boat Trader App Users

If you use Boat Trader app on iPhone (not sure about Android), DO NOT UPGRADE. The upgrade will kill the app. If you have inadvertently upgraded, you can downgrade to the old version. i accidentally upgraded last night, but i was able to downgrade to the older version and it works again now. What a useless company. I use that app every day, and now it is complete rubbish. I know others are in my shoes.

How to Downgrade to version 3.1:

You have to have the old version on your computer. Go to "My Apps." and look for the big Boat Trader icon. once there, if you have a red banner across the app that says "Update" you have version 3.1 or older. DO NOT UPGRADE.

1) Delete Boat Trader from your phone
2) plug your phone into your computer
3) open iTunes
4) Go to the little iPhone icon
5) Choose "Apps" on the left (below "Summary" and above "Music") This will show you all the apps that have ever been installed on your phone
6) Choose "sort by name"
7) Find the Boat Trader app
8) Choose install
9) Icon will change to "will install"
10) Click "APPLY" on bottom right to sync your phone
11) the old Boat Trader app will now appear.

Please cross post this as necessary. What a hassle. What a useless company of morons.

Here's the CEO's email address if you want to speak out:

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