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Buying parts from the same manufacturer won't really help you any. Buy what you like or what fits in your budget. MidwayUSA, Brownells and Palmetto State Armory will probably get you everything you need, but I'd build a gun in your checkout cart with what each one has in stock and then compare prices because they will vary. Obviously try to get as much through one place as possible because paying seperate shipping for 5-6 different orders will drive your budget down. Then theres tools, you'll at minimum need a sturdy mounted bench vise, upper/lower vice blocks, DPMS armorers wrench, a punch set and a non maring hammer. If i've left anything out somebody will chime in eventually. I've built 5 ground up and its alot of fun, but you can quickly end up with a $2k gun before optics.

Is $650 budget before optics? Will you run iron sights, red dot or magnified scope? Do you want the gun setup as a defense rifle or a longer heavier barreled target/bench gun?