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Originally Posted by iFishMD View Post
Anyone else angered by the amount of homework our kids are coming home with, especially in high school? My son, a sophomore who we have never had to push in school since he is self-driven, is up to midnight again working on homework and projects. He spends 6.5hours in school and puts in at least 4 hours, if not 6 some nights, on home work a night to maintain his good grades. I find this unacceptable since he is now putting in 10-12hrs+ per day everyday on his schooling. This doesn't count his involvement in sports, chores at home, and church activities. I have already spoken to his guidance counselor and it was recommended that I take it up with his teachers directly. My wife and I are both college graduates and don't remember having such a heavy work load. We bit our tongues last year but don't find it being any better this year. Am I the only one seeing it this way? I understand that we are only a few weeks into the school year but am already frustrated seeing my stressed child. He will be up again in a little over 5 hours to do it again tomorrow.
Tell him to man up. My son is now is college junior, he also had 3-4 hours a night homework as a sophomore and junior is HS. Part of that is due to the AP classes he had. He also had a weekend job and played water polo. Thats the way it is, it will get much better when he is a senior.

I've never heard the Asian kids bitching about the amount of work they have, and most of them are kicking the ass of their American counterparts
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