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Originally Posted by Reefdonkey98 View Post
I'm a sophomore in highschool too, and I can say at being one of the "best" rated high schools in the country (Terra Enviornmental research) that it is the same here. The teachers a lot of the time are there just to hand out work and sleep the rest of the class, I've had only a few teachers themselves actually explain the lessons to our classes and give reasonable amounts of homework. I'm not saying homework is bad but getting 130 questions of algebra 2 homework on a lesson that was half-ass explained to us isn't reasonable at all.
That is too much homework. You need to talk to the parents, your guidance or social people at the school and they (your parents) to the school officials.

Originally Posted by jkmjr View Post
I don't mean this in a sarcastic way, but if the teachers at your "TOP RATED" school are such slackers how do you and all your classmates excel. Are you all geniuses?
It is the kids and parents that make the schools top rated. The so called zip code factor. I have subbed all over our county and really believe this. Schools and teachers do indeed help especially with the lower performers. Mostly they are facilitators.

Originally Posted by bellsisland View Post
funny this comes up, yesterday my 10 year old say her teacher told the class, that she is going to start giving homework for the weekend so as to keep the kids busy. Uh we are busy with other things, if it is normal homework that is required then ok. But to give homework just to be giving, I don't think so.
Hopefully teacher was kidding or maybe the kid misunderstood, but YIKES this is sad. Our school almost never gives weekend homework except for long term projects.

Again It is the kids and parents that make the schools top rated. The kids excel because of you.

To all: Teachers cannot possibly correct the volume of stuff you are all suggesting. If they are doing these practices I would talk to the administrators.
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