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I was in HS 30+ yrs ago. Maybe it's changed but I didn't do any homework at home. I paid attention in class and never had to study. I did homework in the next class I went to, lunch, or study hall.

I just recalled: I did have to study at home for one class, geometry, to memorize those stupid theorems. I probably did a small amount of homework for chemistry, physics, and trig (never took calc in HS) but it couldn't have been much or a burden or I would remember it.

I got all A's and B's, if I brought home a C I was grounded for 9 weeks til the next report card came out.

I didn't have time for homework. I worked after school til 6pm and on Saturdays. Free time at home was messing with my car or hanging out with friends.

My kids went to school much more recently. My son is like me, he didn't have to study much and I don't recall seeing him do much homework or needing any help. My daughter is smart but had to study to get the same grades as her brother who breezed thru. I did have to help her with several courses over the yrs.
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