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I went to a decent high school. It was a well regarded public school that drew kids from all over the city but also had a good percentage of "disadvantaged" students.

I rarely had homework. I either did the work in class or just didn't do it at all and still graduated with honors and extra college credits. Some teachers were great in being involved and explaining things. Others doled out homework but the majority of the grades at the school were on tests so I just picked what was a priority and skipped the rest in order to maintain a good grade and not have to do the BS. Kind of like real life. You can't do everything something is gonna give at some point.

Best teachers I had let us choose to participate or not. Spent the day instructing, didn't grade on anything they did during the day or send us with homework. Only graded on the test results and were available all the time even outside of class for help if necessary.