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Originally Posted by Jkcam View Post
Is he still eating an enjoying his food? Taking care of his business outside? If so, I think I would consider easing back on the meds to see if there is a lesser dosage that will allow him to maintain some normalcy. It sounds like the end is near no matter what. Bottom line, everyone that has been in your shoes, knows what agony it is. If you trust your Vet, what does the Vet say? You know best, and your pup will appreciate you making the best decision. Your concern for him shines through your post, I am 100% confident you will do the right thing at the right time.
Yes still enjoying food and treats etc. Still taking care of his business outside (maybe a little more frequently but without any issues). As far as the medications go without the keppra xr he experienced seizures practically as soon as taken off of it so going without it is not an option we have reduced the dosage from 2 pills twice a day to 1 pill twice a day.

I think the hardest part is the fact I come home today and he meets me at the door tail wagging ready to go walk the yard before we fire up the grill for dinner. And yes he is getting his own steak tonight.

I think me posting this was me more or less just looking for some reassurance that I am thinking the right way and not making a decision that would take his life before it was time and making sure I am not putting him thru undue pain and suffering because that is something I definitely don't want to do.