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Default How do you know when it's time?

Well guys I can't believe I'm writing this but it has come to that point. Here is the situation.

My golden retriever turns 10 next Tuesday and has been dealing with some health issues. He had a large tumor removed about 9 months ago which was found to not be cancerous. Fast forward to about 9 weeks ago and he had a seizure in the middle of the night which lasted about 5 minutes. Spoke with the vet they said to monitor it as at his age it was not uncommon. 2 weeks later and he had 2 more seizures (1 on Friday night 1 on Saturday night of that week). Vet said bring in for test. All test blood, urine etc came back fine BUT vet says he has developed a slight head tilt. So vet describes keppra xr and ask us to see a neurologist.

Neurologist says she is seeing the same things but it also appears he is loosing vision in right eye. She recommends the possibility of a mri because she believes it is brain cancer. Well that was somewhat inconclusive so at his age they are not recommending surgery and said the keppra xr along with an anxiety medicine so allieviate his pain.

So here I am today 2 weeks later watching my best friends condition deteriorate quicker than I ever thought possible. Here is a run down of his current symptoms: drowsiness, very lethargic, somewhat unstable, above normal panting (all of which could/are side effects of RX) very noticeable head tilt now, walks in circles, very bad twitch that sometimes is almost like clock work every 5 minutes, will freeze up on occasions for no reason, doesn't enjoy his head being petted (but still loves a back or belly rub) etc.

So here is the question this was my first pet that was all mine (I bought him and have been the sole provider for him his entire life, not to mention he was my only ever roommate until the finance and I moved in together). So I am very attached to him and I don't want to be the person who puts their best friend through days, weeks or months of pain because they can't stomach making that appointment at the vet in their very selfish ways because they don't want to put their best friend down yet.

So guys (I know there are a ton of dog owners and vets here) when is it time to make that appointment. I have had to do this with 2 of my other dogs, but they were "family" pets so I guess it wasn't as hard then, still hard but nothing close to this for me.

Thanks guys
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