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If you think it is food allergy do this test. It will tell you specifically what the dog is allergic to.

General rule for me to avoide these common allergens
Any and grains
Soy or other fillers
Lamb or poultry (chicken especially but turkey too)

Raw diet might be a good choice. You can order frozen raw shipped to you. Just defrost and serve. A lot more convenient.

But you want to know what they are allergic to. If you do a raw diet with chicken and they are allergic to it the raw diet obviously won't help. So I highly recommend the test if you suspect food. I do because of the ear infections. That is a common sign and I haven't heard of that being an issue with flea allergies. Your dog may have both or other environmental allergies so keep that in mind. Flea treatments, household cleaners, yard spray etc.

Cortisone shots are a last resort for me. I had to give them to my previous golden during allergy season. But they are really hard on the body. Just read about the side effects of cortisone use. Even topically long term it has potential for pretty serious consequences.

If you do use Benadryl or something like that make sure it is the uncoated tablets. The coating can have ingredients that are bad for dogs. I also like to get the non-died ones from cvs. No artificial coloring (usually red40 for Benadryl like products) Who needs a dye in a medication anyway?

Expensive vs cheap food doesn't necessarily make it better. Check out for a breakdown and rating of foods based on ingredients.

I use Origen 6 fish and like it quite a bit other than the fishy smell. Great for retriever breeds. It also includes glucosamine in the food so no need to supplement.