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I'm not a vet but I was told that allergies are most influenced by diet.
The breed of my dogs a well know to have a TON of skin allergy problems, and I probably had them all.
I tried probably 20 different types of food, grain free, chicken based, duck based, salmon based, holistic, natural, the cheapest, the most expensive, the one in the middle, etc... some may be a little bit better than others but I would still have a lot of allergy and skin problems.
I was ready to give up and somebody told me to try RAW diet PRAY model with a spoonful of virgin coconut oil. The difference was unfreaking believable within 2 weeks most of the skin problem were gone.
Their bodies got also leaner and not bloated. Before if they would lay on the grass, it was guaranteed to they would be full of rashes all over their bodies... but now their coat is much stronger and shinier, and they can rub against grass or anything else and they are ok with no more symptoms.

I warn you, is a RPIA to prepare and a little bit more expensive than your average dry food, and I would not know if it would be the solution in your particular case.
Just throwing it out there in case you run out of options and decide to give it a try.
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