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Originally Posted by FASTFJR View Post
You say expensive food and cheap food. That doesn't mean anything. We have a golden who is 8, got her as a rescue at 5. Your dog sounds like mine 3 years ago. Could very well be food allergies. Ours is allergic to anything with wheat or grain. We switched her over to Salmon and within 3 weeks every issues went away. I dropped a roll a couple a weeks ago and she grabbed it and ran, ate it before I could get it out. Within a day she had a red belly and red ears, shaking, scratching you name it. It was back to "Normal" within 72 hours

We use this http://www.costco.com/Kirkland-Signa...100215967.html
Same as ours. We buy Fromms grain free and hasn't had an issue since. The other thing we noticed is his urine no longer kills the grass and his poops are much smaller. (Vet said better food allows better absorption)
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