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I had two XC70s. The first was not trouble free but wasn't bad either for having nearly 200k miles. Ended up running off the road and rolling it twice down a hill. They drug it out on its roof, flipped it upright, and all 4 doors and the hatch would open and close like nothing happened. Car was totaled but the body was far from crushed.

The second one was a great car. A little slow with the 3.2 but between the AWD and the comfort I loved it. Also used it to tow my key west 186. People used to watch me at the ramps expecting to have a good you tube video but it had no problems pulling it out every time. I just had to add brakes to a sub 3k pound rig but otherwise was sufficient.

Now all of that being said, I used to install mobile electronics in college. Volvos were one of my least favorite cars to work on and was probably in the top 5 for something not working. Number one would have been the firebird/camaro (just had one for a rental the other day and they still look like a POS), two was the cavalier, and three would be a tie between saab and Mercedes.
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