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Originally Posted by Parthery View Post
Your frustration sounds like the fact that you are using a CDMA / GSM phone....even unlocked it will never work right in the USA.

Find a used ATT iPhone or Android off eBay or a friend....pop in your SIM and go. No contract to be locked in since work is eventually getting you a phone.
The problem isn't necessarily the phone that's making me want to leave the office plan with my Dad's office. It's that I'm not authorized on the account and can't get anything done without him or the office plan administrator. That makes things quite difficult when the only authorized people on the account are 7 hours away.

Just trying to decide what new plan options may be best to allow me to keep this same Samsung and not fork out another $200 for another phone when I change plans, only to fork out $100 for another phone in 3-4 months when I go onto the work plan with Verizon. Sounds like to do that Verizon or Total Wireless may be my best options.

Guess I could go cricket or another network and buy a new phone, just keeping this Samsung aside for when I go onto the work plan.
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