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The selection and variety on Sirius is lightyears better than what is available on the earthbound stations.

When I bought my 2014 Taurus it came with 6 months Sirius. I let it lapse and a couple months later I got offered 6 months for $30 so I took it.

When it came time to renew they tried to get a lot more money and they wanted my credit card number for the billing. I talked them down to something more reasonable. I also told them that I do not have a credit card. It was true at the time I did not have any credit cards so they would have to bill me which they did.

I have since gotten myself 2 credit cards but I still tell them I do not have any and they bill me for the service.

I was actually warned by the dealer that sold me my car not to ever give them a credit card number or you could never get rid of the service if you chose to.

Personally I love the choices I have with Sirius and I only listen to earthbound stations when listening to sports.
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