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So this thread got me thinking today... I figured it was time I got a small victory so I called them on the way home from work. It went a little like this:

Me: I want to cancel my service
Her (weird accent I've never heard before): Oh I'm sorry to hear that. Did you get a new car?
Me: Nope. I just want to cancel
Her: Ok sir, I can do that for you. Do you mind if I ask why?
Me: When I subscribed it was only $12 a month, I just looked at my bill and now it's over $18 and you guys have cancelled about 10 of the channels over the years that I enjoy listening to. It's not worth $18 a month to me. I want to turn it off.
Her: I'm so sorry to hear that sir. How about if I offer you the next 6 months for $20?
Me: Actually that doesn't sound too bad.
Her: Oh I see you just paid us last month, I can refund $11 to your card and you call us before Jan 16, 2016 and ask for another discount before it renews.
Me: Ok I like the way that sounds.
Her: Just verify the credit card number for me
Me: Actually my account got hacked a few days ago (actually true) and I don't have a new card yet. When I called I was just looking to cancel
Her: Ok I can mail you a check for $11 and then invoice you before January and you can call back with your new card
Me: That sounds really good to me. Thanks!

It went just like that and I was off the phone in about 5 minutes. I get $11 in the mail (maybe from the comments above, either way I win this time), am good until Jan 2016 and then can call back in and get another promotional rate. Plus, as luck would have it they don't have my credit card number anymore so I will start using gift cards at that time and gain control over my account again.

I'm going to have a sirius radio until they blow up the satellite so this makes me happy. Terrestrial radio sucks balls around here unless you like country or country (which I can listen to and enjoy, but I get bored with it after a while and the commercials are worse than network TV now). With as much time as I spend in the truck every day it's worth it to me. I am not, however; going to ever pay them $18 a month again.

Thanks for the inspiration in this thread.

edit. Actually just looked at the confirmation email and it was $24.99 for the 6 months. Plus music royalty fee and tax of course. So for $31.56 I'm good until January. I'm ok with that.

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