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The deductible does not determine whether you have an HSA compatible plan or not. Anyone can have a health savings account, but in order to fund the account, you must have a HSA compatible plan. Your plan benefit summary should label whether or not it is a HSA compatible plan. You can PM me the insurance company name and your plan name and I can try to look it up for you. Generally HSA plans have no fist dollar benefit(other than preventive visits at 100%). Therefore if you have any office visit or RX copays that apply before the deductive, the. Your plan is not HSA compatible. Someone brought up FSA, but they are completely different. HSA is YOUR money, YOUR bank account, forever. FSA is annual tax incentive count that is use it or lose it, with very smaller roll over limits. Typically, you can not have a HSA plan and a FSA at the same time.
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