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They are the WORST I have ever dealt with, I absolutely hate them! They screwed me out of $400+ and refused to credit it back to me. The shocking thing is that I got the free trial through the dealer and I used a credit card to put a down payment so I could order the car. Some how XM got my credit card number and billed me for service when they never even turned on the XM in my car!!! The only way I can think of that they got my credit card was from the down payment I made with the dealer.

I have had 2 experiences with them where I was literally screaming on the phone. I told them I never ordered the service past the free trial, and how the hell did they get my credit card number? My wife pays the bills and she just thought I had XM in my car so she never said anything to me until we paid them over $400 for NOTHING!! I had a tech guy on the phone and he told me to get into the car and try to tune into XM, I could only get channel 1 so it was never turned on. About 5 minutes later he told me to try again and then I had XM. Then he said "can I help you with anything else?" Yes damnit I want a credit because I never ordered XM and it wasn't even turned on in my car. After screaming at 4 different people the last guy said "We don't owe you any money so we aren't going to credit you anything." Then he had the gall to ask if I was interested in a subscription to XM at a reduced cost! WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!