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Originally Posted by Afishinado View Post
Thanks for your service brother, welcome home. The wall is tough to look at for me as well, but I know the boys on those walls would be happy to know we will remember them, and think of them perhaps more often than we ever thought we would. I still shutter to think we (the majority of us) were 18 and 19 year old kids...
That was so true. YIKES! We were soldiers but crap, we were almost children....

Originally Posted by raystein View Post
Great thread. Thanks for sharing.

A guy that used to serve on a conservation board with me had been a medic in Vietnam. At the state meeting one year he opened up and told me about some gut wrenching stories he still has recurring night mares about.
Good of him to share. Nam was the TV everyone saw the bad stuff on TV. Now everything is censored -Patriot Act Rules of Communication, etc. Maybe the stories are the only way people can realize it ain't a video game or movie - these are real people and it ain't glorious. You don't get to choose the war you serve in and there is no "good" war.

I guess what we learned from Nam was to sell war now you have to get rid of the draft and censor everything - sad when you look at it that way....
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