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Originally Posted by cedarholm View Post
Training video?
But it is a good example of just how things can go south in a hurry.


A Texas man pulled a BB gun on cops seconds before they opened fire, killing him outside a small town Applebee’s, newly released video shows.
James Bushey walked calmly next to the officers before he suddenly spun around with the real-looking weapon in hand.
The two officers’ body-mounted cameras captured the explosive exchange as they fired multiple rounds, dropping the 47-year-old in a spray of bullets.
The videos — one each from the officers — were released by Palestine cops and uploaded on Youtube by the Palestine Herald-Press.

The stunning point-of-view footage begins on May 31 in the Applebee’s restroom.
Sgt. Gabriel Green and Officer Kaylynn Griffin confronted Bushey, who’d allegedly stolen beer from a nearby Wal-Mart and fled into the restaurant.
The Elkhart man stared blankly for a moment while he dried his hands.
“Don’t act dumb for me,” Green told him. “Come on and step out, OK. You’re on video.”
The officers escorted Bushey out of the front door, and he seemed willing to go until Griffin asked him for an ID.
He reached in his pocket and pulled out what looked like a firearm.

“Gun! Gun!” Griffin screamed.
Bushey wheeled away from the officers and squared up, gun raised before Green unloaded about nine rounds.
Griffin fired another several shots as Bushey toppled into the grass.
She frantically performed CPR compressions, additional footage aired by KLTV showed, but Bushey died there.
They later learned his weapon was a pellet gun made to look like a deadly Colt 1911 pistol, according to the Anderson County District Attorney.

The videos were a key part of prosecutors’ presentation to a grand jury that reviewed the fatal shooting.
Both officers were cleared of wrongdoing on June 26.
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