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Unhappy She's 16 years young but still, 16 years old...The time has come.

My pup Maverick, is the only one in the family who knew me before a wife or children were ever even a thought in my head, she knew all the girls I brought home in my early 20's, she knew the days when I somehow miraculously made it home safely even though I probably shouldn't have, she made countless road trips with me riding shotgun in the truck...hell she has probably logged thousands of miles.

She licked all three of my children to give them the "seal" of approval the day they got home from the hospital, she used to let them lay on her when they were infants all swaddled up in their blanket...she was never protective, didn't have a mean hair on her back, unfortunately was never the brightest dog but she made up for it in love and sweetness.

She loved the bay like you have never seen, she would lay up on our deck taking in that south wind like you've never seen...she'd even "lick" the air!

The time has finally come, she is 16 years young, still show's affection which is the part I have the hardest time with... but she can't get her back legs up underneath her anymore, she has no control over her bowels, she hacks all night like she is taking her last breath and she basically doesn't move all day. Her whole body is just giving out...she shakes and trembles all day and night from pain.

It saddens me but it's wife is taking her this morning as I type this. I just couldn't go (I know, call me whatever name in the book you want)...I said my good bye's and promised her the south wind all day long, endless supply of her favorite treats and no more pain.

An acquaintance of mine was engaged in about 1999 and took his fiance' to the Dallas Mavericks game where the "Rescue A Dalmatian Society" had a booth...he and fiance' came home with another dog, "Maverick" . Relationship goes south and neither one of them had a place for either dog. My best friend and I were living together at the time, about 22 years old...he agreed to take the Chocolate lab and I agreed to take the Dalmatian. It all happened really quick but what an addition to my life she was.

Good bye Maverick, rest in peace... you were the most amazing addition to my life and I will never forget you.

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