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Default Pros/Cons Ipad with cell service or wifi only

I currently have a 2 yr old Ipad that has cell service as well as wifi

However looking at upgrading to newer ipad with more storage space

Admiral has new Ipad air2 that is wifi only but she only uses it in the house or trips, I have connected it through hotspot on iphone 6's and works fine

What are pros and cons

1-It does cost me $50 month on my cell bill but I do like the convience and keeps me in touch with emails(paired with phone so emails go to both but ipad easier for my old ass to see)

My Ipad is about 50/50 personal/business use but do use it a lot while on the boat, deer stand, etc

Someone told me hotspotting really eats battery up on phones which would be inconvinent when sitting in deer stand(yea I know I should not take it deer hunting but I sit in couple of big box stands watching huge power line. Keeps me in touch with business items and actually do quite a bit of business by email )

It looks like cost of new Ipad is about same either way, seems like w cell service it is about $100 more

One big reason looking at new Ipad is Admiral's Dad is getting internet and I just figured I could give him my existing Ipad and get me a new one. His is pretty bad health, just lost one leg to diabetes and had already lost part of other foot and now has prostrate cancer that has spread to his bones so pretty much stays in his relciner 24/7

He has used Ipad before and it easier than a laptop

We have also looked at chromebooks as well
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