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Just got back from my vacation week in Michigan. My wife will be staying for the month with the children at my Mothers lake cabin. Before I left my wife said "eat apples, lose some weight, and stay out of trouble". I was pretty lean before her home cooked meals, so I can't see that 10 lbs. is my fault, and when she phones the shop number day or night and I answer, I'm good.

That being said; The 27 is out the door, all of the boat builders are refreshed from the 4th of July holiday break, the shiny bits are being delivered, Ray makes decisions instantaneously as needed and we are motivated to wrap this boat up.

The below deck compartments are getting finished out and we have the side decks, bait wells fish boxes and aft cockpit bhds in process. The electrical plan, or distribution to the sparky bits as I call them, is getting wrapped up for Ray's approval and I expect motors and electronics to arrive timely.
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